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Stéphane Flasse
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I rejoice when I see people surfing their life journey with serenity,
in harmony and in resonance with themselves

Born in Belgium and dad of 3 children, I have lived in Belgium, Italy and the UK.

Initially trained as a satellite remote sensing agronomist engineer and PhD (Belgium-Italy), I have travelled in and worked together with many developing countries on improving the management of their natural resources. I have also been a researcher and invited professor at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), researcher at the EC-Joint Research Centre (Italy) and principal scientist at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich (UK) before becoming an independent consultant.

In parallel, through personal development, I have come across a number of holistic approaches. While first challenged by the “new” perspectives they were bringing, I am continuously marvelled by their precision, power, and depth in supporting individual, organisational and global transformation.

This led me to become a Life Alignment practitioner and teacher, as well as an Organisational Counselling consultant.  I have been working with individuals, businesses and organisations, as well as co-creating the Life Alignment Academy in Turin-Italy.

Important influences in my life journey have been Advita Vedanta (Bhagavan, Rupert Spira), Life Alignment (Jeff Levin), Organisational Counselling (Graziella Nugnes), the Nature of the Human Being (Paolo Spoladore), Spiritual Talents (Fausto Carotenuto), Mahamudra (Cathy Mae, Dan Brown), Family Constellations (Philippa Lubbock), Life Path (Dan Millman), Resonance Science (Nassim Haramein), Enneagram, Astrology, Vedic Numerology, Toltec Wisdom, Yoga... to whom I am very grateful.

Today, in these fascinating times, I try to be as I am and bring a humble contribution to the construction of a new world.

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